E-commerce Insight – a Modern Way Of Selling Products Online

One of the major changes that the internet has introduced to the world is the way people conduct business. Gone are the old traditions of selling, buying and marketing products through old fashioned advertisements and business practices. It started in 1994 with the first banner ad being placed on a website, since then E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce have since took off and forever changing the way we do business again.

E-Commerce covers everything from buying, selling, marketing, services of products over the electronic systems like the internet. As internet usage grows and reaches far ending corners of our world, more and more people will rely on looking for and selling stuffs on the internet.

From the simple purchasing of books, making a bid at an online auction site, posting and marketing products online, money transfers online, credits card transactions to buying tickets and making flight and hotel reservations through the internet, e-commerce is making this all a huge reality.

According to a latest report, e-commerce have attracted huge numbers of young people because they find the importance of getting information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to go along with a very detailed specifications and information of products out there posted on the world wide web.

As a stable economic growth and high internet literacy, more and more people will be attracted to the idea of going the e-commerce route. Not only it is the most convenient way it’s also the hip way of doing business that will reach unmatched potentials and infinite possibilities of reaching out with consumers and companies out in the world.

According to a recent study, the biggest product categories in e-commerce today include:

o Hardware and Software Computer products

o Books

o Music

o Financial Services

o Entertainment

o Home Electronics

o Clothes, Shoes and Body accessories

o Gifts and flowers

o Travel package services

o Toys

o Tickets

o Information

Although e-commerce possibilities are endless, there is one disadvantage that is known to exist among internet users today. E-commerce fraud lingers around the World Wide Web. This is where the chances of having your personal information such as name, bank card number, age, and national insurance number can be taken away from you by simply logging in on a seemingly safe website. These details can be used to steal money from you and make online purchases without your knowledge that is why it is highly advisable to still practice safety measures in dealing with online companies that entails you to write down personal information.

But over-all if done with the proper way and backed up by strong up to date laws that will put more security functions to the e-commerce industry; the good things that come from e-commerce are no doubt weighed much heavier than the disadvantages that it brings.

E-commerce is the wave of the present and surely the future as well, as more internet users do business the modern way. Expect more business to be conducted through the internet and more companies to follow the trend that was started by the e-commerce boom.

E-Commerce trivia:

Biggest Five Online E-Commerce Sites of 2006

o Ebay.com

o Yahoo.com

o Amazon.com

o Google.com

o Buy.com

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E-Commerce – The New Frontier, Yes It’s STILL New

E-commerce is a relatively new invention as far as commerce is concerned and therefore has not completely stabilized. There is a vast amount that people do not know about e-commerce; it’s possibilities and it’s risks. There are also a large number of people that do not know about e-commerce at all.

The internet has grown by 215% in the last 7 years and even this growth through out the world encompasses only 17% of the total population.[Int] Considering the figures from [Int] the opportunity for e-commerce is astounding and at the same time the risks and destabilization factors are just as great.

Simply because we can cite a couple of companies that have survived the .com bust and prospered such as Yahoo, Google, and Amazon.com, we cannot say that e-commerce has stabilized. There is no way of knowing whether it has stabilized or not.

[Lev99] illustrates that it was the human interaction that drove the rise of civilization and eventually the internet and it is this very same force that will keep e-commerce from stabilizing completely. Some businesses will never be able to transfer all operation to e-commerce simply because of the human interaction factor that humans desire. You can send an email, but it will never be as effective as a phone conversation; while a video conference will never replace throwing back a few cold ones during a business deal. As long as every business is not able to completely operate on the internet without the bricks, e-commerce cannot be considered to be a stable operating medium for a business.

Nevertheless, e-commerce is essential for the success of modern businesses because of the pervasiveness of technology and the current drive toward automation. The internet enables e-commerce to span the globe and to give companies reach into corners of the world where access was impossible previously. To leave out e-commerce form a business model could be a devastating mistake.

E-commerce security also has a long way to go before it stabilizes. Firewalls and even biometrics can be defeated with clever exploits and social engineering opening the way for significant destabilization within e-commerce. There is nothing in ecommerce resembling the vault at Ft. Knox. Even NSA computers have been hacked and White House websites defaced. Until security on the internet is stabilized e-commerce can hardly be said to have stabilized.

[Int] internet World Stats


[Lev99]Levine, Locke, Searls & Weinberger, “the cluetrain manifesto”, 1999,

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Designing an E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce or electronic commerce is associated to sale or purchase of products or services online through the internet. E-Commerce generally takes place with website as a medium and a secure payment channel linked to the website. Basically in layman’s terms, there is an online store or a shop where he/she can view/search/select and purchase products, exactly as one does physically when he/she is going to a shop.

E-Commerce has been recognized world-wide for the following reasons:

1. Ease of use

2. Accessibility all across the globe

3. Great variety & easy compassion of products from different vendors

4. Trusted payment channels

5. Sit at home shopping, hence less time consuming.

All the above reasons indicate why the world has accepted E-Commerce as an integral part of business today. It is therefore very important for any new entrepreneur to understand the significance of E-Commerce and how best to utilize this tool for his/her business.

Any entrepreneur looking to put his/her business over the internet would have many questions in mind on the subject. The first and the most obvious question one would shoot up would definitely be:

What should I do to make my website an extremely friendly selling tool??

Designing an E-Commerce website is an art coupled with technical conventions. One has to be very careful and meticulous as to how one devices his/her strategies for selling online. In order to develop a dominating e-commerce website one must take into consideration the following:

1. Design a user-friendly and appealing catalog: Your product catalog is like your resume; if it is appealing, extremely navigable, and has good product info; people are lured into buying your products. Entrepreneurs must remember the golden rules- firstly people are on your website to purchase your product, and secondly window shoppers are potential customers. A user can purchase your product today, tomorrow or day after; for this you must provide the user with enough opportunities to purchase your product. An eye-catching catalog (yet not too jazzy), is all you need for your users to memorize you. The aesthetics of your website are amongst the best selling tools you have!

2. Connect it to a secure payment gateway: You must give your users enough security for their money. Highlighting this aspect can be very crucial for you. Payments take place through credit cards online, and if any user is sceptical about the money he/she is giving you, your sales are doomed! One must take supreme care that customers are well educated on the security of their transaction. It is very essential to give in a write-up on the website regarding the payments as well as the security of the transactions. Using words phrases like ‘guaranteed secure transactions’, getting in a couple of references from the payment gateway, etc. can really boost your customer trust in you.

3. Allowing users to remember you- one must make sure that if a user has come to your website he/she must not buy the same product from another website just because he/she can’t find it on yours! An extremely important feature of online shopping is giving your users an option of maintaining a ‘wish list’. Through a wish list, the user can remember the page where he/she had sighted the product of desire but could not purchase it for some reason. This way, whenever the user has the means to make a purchase, he/she can log on to the wish list and locate the desired product.

4. Cross Selling- Cross selling is another tool with the e-Entrepreneur. Here, the products can be cleverly linked to each other so as to lure the user into further shopping. For example, if the user is looking for a book on the website, the website must also be able to suggest him/her other books by the author or books related to the subject, and even the best sellers in the section. This way the user will not only be educated on the related products but will also be lured for a future purchase.

5. Up Selling- customers are generally delighted to receive special offers and discounts on the products they are looking for. The website administrator can cleverly introduce special schemes like ‘buy flowers worth $50 and get a box of chocolates free!’ Such schemes are extremely enticing for the users and generally generate more business.

One, not only has to have a complete understanding of the modules behind an E-Commerce website, but also should have a sense of commerce along with. Any website with badly highlighted products might loose on its valuable sales. Therefore it is always wise to strategize the module elements in the best way possible as well as take expert help to get best results.

There are certain vitals of E-Commerce which need to be addressed to any new E-Entrepreneur.

Let us begin with highlighting common terms associated to any E-Commerce website design & Development:

While the first three can be assumed as relative steps, the last two are basically a part the E-Commerce strategy. For designing any E-Commerce website, the web administrator has to keep these aspects in mind and then formulate the design of the website.

Up selling and Cross selling are very important tools for any Entrepreneur especially when he/she has a platform to accomplish that easily. It is obvious that one would not want a user to simply purchase one product and leave the website. What is important is that the website helps generate user interest towards other products as well. For example a shopper purchases deodorant from the website, the program should be smart enough to suggest several ranges of deodorants, most purchased deodorants as well as products from the range of cosmetics to the user. Here if the user is looking for a deodorant, and finds a good range of cosmetic products also, he/she might wish to go in for those also. Cross selling is a very useful tool for any E-Commerce website and is quite helpful for generating good business.

The success of any E-Commerce website depends on a number of factors, most common amongst which are definitely a well organized website structure and an attractive design outlay.

Vineet Bajpai is a leading entrepreneur and CEO of Magnon Solutions, a Web Design India Company.

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Things You Should Know About OS Commerce Development

OS Commerce development is one such website development software that can be highly customized. It is used successfully to create various e commerce websites. The technology behind OS Commerce is highly sophisticated and extremely easy to apply. This unique e-commerce development software application is behind the success of thousands of online stores that earn millions of pounds every year.

OS Commerce is the most popular e commerce solution available in the market these days. This popularity of the software is based on the numerous facilities that they provide to its users. The reason for its wide spread popularity can be seen from the very first stage of it’s installation. Unlike other open source e commerce solutions, OS Commerce Development is easy to install. It takes only a few minutes to get installed in your system.

The features and functionalities that OS Commerce Development provides to its users are all built-in features. The user needs to add any plug-in later. Some of the most popular built in features that OS Commerce includes in its package are, product catalog feature, account management activities, a safe and secured administrator panel, along with some more online tools and easy reporting features. More over OS Commerce can be easily upgraded or made compatible with other systems.

Creating your website with OS Commerce applications is beneficial to the search engines as well. The application is configured in such a manner that the website can be easily indexed in the search engines. Your e commerce website will function just like any other website that is indexed in the search engines. Customers will be able to find your site in the list of website references if they type product names or similar keywords in the search engines.

OS Commerce development [http://www.rupizmedia.com/os-commerce] of websites is ideal for creating any kind of web based business site. The software application is so fast and effective that your website products will not only be launched within a few minutes, but will also start reflecting in the search engines along with valuable and effective lead generation. Many web solutions companies these days use OS Commerce solutions for their clients and also customize their applications as per their requirement.

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Choosing the Best E-Commerce Software For Your Business

The foundation of any online store is its e-commerce software. This software shapes every minute of your visitors’ experiences, from browsing to checkout. For this reason, it is imperative to choose the best e-commerce software for your business.

There are many e-commerce software programs to choose from, which is both good and bad for you: good because more choices make it more likely you’ll find what you’re looking for, and bad because there are actually too many for you to compare all of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to compare all of the available software in order to ensure your business gets a top quality website — you just need to know what features are the most important to look for.

Here are several important features to look for in e-commerce software.

Easy Item and Category Setup

E-commerce software ranges from simple shopping cart or payment options, to software that can practically build your entire website for you. Features such as formulated listings, picture resizing, and the ability to copy listings into multiple categories make it simple to set up an online store.

Another nice feature that some e-commerce software offers is the ability to import listings from your existing store into the new program. For example, Network Solutions offers online store software that allows users to choose how they prefer to upload their store listings — from an existing store, or from an Excel spreadsheet, for example.

The Ability to Customize

Even thought you want the ability to easily upload your store’s contents, what you don’t want is for your store to look like everybody else’s. Good e-commerce software should give you the ability to customize your website so that it looks uniquely yours.

Different software packages may offer this in different ways. For instance, Network Solutions offers online store software with different templates to choose from, allowing you to tweak the way your website looks. However, even better are e-commerce software options that offer full customization as one of their features. For example, AspDotNetStorefront.com allows you to design fully customized “skins” for your online storefront.

Customer Accounts

One of the most popular features of online stores today is the ability for customers to set up their own accounts. On many websites, these accounts can be set up to remember payment and billing information, remember preferences, and even allow customers to opt in or out of promotional mailing lists.

Good e-commerce software should provide you with a variety of options for managing your customers’ accounts. For instances, you might choose to store credit card information to make it easier for returning customers to check out — or you might choose not to store sensitive payment information, to protect your customers in case your website gets hacked. With online store software such as aspdotnetstorefront.com, you have the ability to choose settings such as this for your customers’ accounts.

Something else that you should consider when looking at “My Account” capabilities is the ability to personalize customers’ accounts. For instance, when a customer logs into Amazon.com, the front page of the website displays suggestions for them based on their past purchases and recently viewed items. Likewise, customers who opt in to the mailing list often receive emails based on their shopping preferences. This type of personalization tends to be very successful at encouraging repeat customers, so online store software that offers these options is literally worth its weight in gold.

Shipping Calculators

Good e-commerce software has the ability to not only calculate the order total and taxes, but also the correct shipping and handling on the order. Ideally, you should be able to choose from several different ways to determine shipping. For instance, some online stores prefer to price shipping according to the order total, whereas other sellers charge actual shipping rates based on the weight of the items purchased. Additionally, you may want to be able to offer customers the ability to choose between several different shipping options, such as USPS Parcel Post, USPS Priority, and UPS Ground.

Another important feature of some e-commerce software is the ability to interface with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. One benefit is that your customers will always automatically be charged correct shipping rates. This feature can also save you considerable time and effort: For instance, EarlyImpact.com’s ProductCart even prints shipping labels for the seller automatically.

PayPal Compatibility

It’s important for any successful online store these days to have a way to accept credit cards on their own, but since alternative payment options such as PayPal and Google Checkout are growing in popularity, it is also important to offer these choices to your customers.

Both PayPal and Google Checkout can walk you through manually setting up these options on your website, but the process is time consuming at best, if not confusing as well. Good e-commerce software should allow you to integrate these payment options quickly and easily. For instance, asp AspDotNetStorefront.com’s e-commerce software supports more than a dozen different payment gateways.

The Best E-Commerce Software

Not every online store software program is created equal — but for that matter, nor is every online store. The point is that just as online stores differ from one another, so do their owners’ needs. No one recommendation of e-commerce software is necessarily the best choice for you. The best bet for any owner of an online store is to review their choices carefully in order to find the best e-commerce software for their business’s needs.

Andy West is a freelance writer and communications specialist. He covers choosing the best ecommerce software, online shopping carts and storefront software.

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